Curriculum Vitae

Education & Career Development

        University of Toronto, Canada secured 80% marks.

         Ph. D:  Multiple Target Tracking & Data Association (Real Time Software Mapping/Processing on Distributed Processing Elements) 1992

        Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

         M. Sc. 1979

        Punjab University, Government College Lahore, Pakistan secured an academic ROLL of HONOUR by achieving top position.

         B. Sc. 1977

        Punjab University, Government College Lahore, Pakistan.


        Associate Professor, Department of Energy Technology. Home Page

Worked as Manager Compiler Group, responsible for the design and development of cross compiler software, tool chain and porting of operating system for embedded systems with different Micro-processors/DSPs in particular for BLACKfin 21535 from ADI. he managed the compiler group of the company and dealt with all the issues from technical (including core programming of gcc tool chain and uClinux) to the administrative level and follow ups. Additionally he had the responsibility to recruit technical staff and student co-op program staffing with different educational institutions like University of Waterloo, Ryerson University and Seneca College.

Professor Akbar joined nust as an Associate Professor, teaching MCSE (Master of Computer Software Engineering) and BCSE (Bachelor of Computer Software Engineering) courses. I have taught subjects like Data Structures, Algorithm and Computing, Electronic Devices and Operating Systems, Compiler Construction, Networking. Apart from teaching he was member of the course review and management committee. NUST is one of the top University of the country having its campuses all across Pakistan. MCSE and BCSE degrees have the same curriculum as Michigan State University USA and NUST has an exchange program with the university, students selected on merit are sent to university every year to finish their degree partially at the Michigan state university, USA.

        Visiting Professor.

        Visiting Professor.